Monday, September 5, 2016 - Patterns for days!

When I first found, I'm pretty sure I spent several months going through all the patterns, and tutorials they have on the site. I couldn't stop looking at the patterns long enough to make any of them. I still spend a lot of time there looking at the latest and greatest additions to their already enormous stock. New gems are added daily by community members. In addition to normal friendship bracelet patterns, they also have tons of alpha patterns and kumihimo patterns. Whatever your poison, or whether you are a beginning or pro,  knotter, cross stitcher, or general crafter... you will not leave this site without saving at least a couple hundred designs. 

This is just a couple of my favorite selections during my visit today. These are smaller patterns, ranging from 8 strings to 12 strings.  I'm sure if you're here, you've probably already been there... if not, you should head there now because you've got a lot to see. I'm going to check out the new alphas... maybe I'll share those too. Enjoy!

Here is an 8 string, normal friendship bracelet pattern using 3 colors. This patter was added to by RogueLeopard

Here is a 9 string, 4 color, normal friendship bracelet pattern on by kmila

This is a 10 string, 4 color, normal friendship bracelet pattern found on added by misslilly

This is a 12 string 4 color normal friendship bracelet pattern by Starling at

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