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This site has it all. Friendship bracelet (baubles) patterns for alpha (straight weaving), normal (oblique weaving), and Kumihimo.

A huge database with loads of friendship bracelet patterns (both alpha and normal). Also has Tutorials, so you can learn how to make friendship bracelets.


Friendbird.net On our site you can send a friendship bracelet to a random user and receive a bracelet from another person in return. You can also create various handicraft tutorials here.

Alpha patterns, normal patterns, tutorials, videos, and discussion forum.

Free Macrame Patterns Free Macrame patterns for beginners and experienced artisans. Learn a variety of basic and complex knots.

Helix Friendship Bracelet - pattern - Easy - DMC

This is a great site with beautiful photographs of finished work. You will find Free Macrame Video Tutorials and Patterns for bracelets and other projects like necklaces, earrings, rings, and various other shapes and objects. Very well done and easy to follow. I love this site. I think I might have pinned everything on there.

(Russian) Friendship bracelet site with lots of charts (schemes or patterns). You will find both direct (alpha) or (oblique) normal.

Free macrame patterns

Free Macrame Patterns – Craft Carma DIY Crafting

Free-Macrame-Patterns.com - Juxtapost

Blog dedicated to creating friendship bracelets with step by step explanations , tutorials and videos so you can make these friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets - Wikipedia

Macramé - Wikipedia

Sites that were no longer online at last check. Will check these again in the future.

(Russian) This site has a friendship bracelet section and many other categories that may be of interest, including embroidery, crochet, knitting, and more.


(Russian) Lots of great friendship bracelet related stuff at this site. Patterns, tutorials etc.

(Hungarian) You can find patterns for beginner and intermediate level knotting with diagrams and written instruction

TercinyNaramky.cz ThingDreams.ru (Russian) This site has a wealth of info, patterns, and tutorials regarding friendship bracelets.

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